Making International Aid Instantaneous by leveraging a stable & reliable Crypto-to-Cash Solution

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What is Project Bifröst?

Project Bifröst is an initiative introducing multiple, humanitarian aid focused solutions based on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. 


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Solutions in Aid

Our debut solution, a mobile application called Dether, allows you to send money anywhere in the world in an instantaneous, transparent, and stable manner and serves as an alternative to international wire transfer services, which can take up to 2-4 weeks and have a 10% transaction cost. 

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Simple & Reliable

The Dether application can be used to help your nonprofit transfer funds internationally in a tenth of the time at a tenth of the cost. It can also be used to send stable, and cheap remittances to individuals in need. Interested in trying out the live version? We want to help, completely pro-bono. Reach out via the contact form and let's work together!


Disrupting Wire Transfers

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The current, international wire transfer process that nonprofits use is a lengthy and expensive process, often taking weeks to get to impact areas at a high transaction cost. 

Stable Crypto to Cash

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Using Dether, a Crypto-to-Cash application, and the stablecoin DAI, a cryptocurrency decentrally pegged to $1.00 USD, nonprofits and individuals alike can send funds anywhere in the world instantly. 

Instantaneous, P2P Aid

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Once the agent on the ground receives the funds in DAI, the Dether app facilitates a way to find other users that will exchange the stablecoin for the region's national currency, all with minimal to no Tx cost.

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