ConsenSys Social Impact

ConsenSys Social Impact is comprised of the social impact and social sector initiatives, solutions, and research led by organizations within the ConsenSys firm. Learn more about ConsenSys here.



MakerDao is a software provider that facilitates the creation of the Dai stablecoin. A stablecoin is a cryptocurrency that’s stable relative to fiat currency -- Dai is pegged to the US Dollar. Dai retains all of the features of bitcoin, including instant and trustless transfers, but with the added benefit of functioning as a stable medium of exchange.



Sempo, the second Bifrost Initiative Fellow, is an end-to-end platform to rapidly and efficiently deploy cash transfer programs. This means NGOs spend less resources finding vulnerable people, and more resources empowering them out of a crisis. Sempo solves beneficiary identification, cash disbursement and program monitoring in one seamless cash platform.


Dether is the world’s first peer-to-peer ether network that enables anyone who has a phone to buy and sell ether using cash and even spend it at physical stores. The mobile application leverages both popularized cryptocurrencies like Ether, and also stablecoins like DAI to empower people all around the world to covert crypto to cash and vice versa.

Bounties Network

The Bounties Network empowers humans to incentivize and self-organize, from freelancing to grassroots social action, and anything in between. Whether it's for research, content translation, or video production, The Bounties Network lets you create projects, collaborate, and get paid for doing great work in any domain.